Contract Manufacturing

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Legal & Compliance

We take our legal responsibilities, and the demands of regulations, very seriously and the same is true of our own rights and interests in contracts, intellectual property and more. Our Legal & Compliance teams take on these vital tasks. We work under regulations, legislation, and standards. The Compliance team ensures that we meet our obligations under national laws, industry codes of practice, and ethics standards both external and, just as importantly, internal.


A commitment to excellence, Our Quality team ensures high products quality. We make sure that all our products and processes comply with the relevant legislations, guidelines, and NB SONS standards.

R & D

Creating change, delivering tomorrows breakthroughs.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Our Manufacturing team produces innovative Products, using technologies to launch and industrialize high-quality products. Alongside them, our Operation accelerates the delivery of innovative Products, our Supply Chain & Logistics Division works to optimize our capacity, supported by our Technology & Environmental Health Team.

Contract Manufacturing

We embrace the power of partnership and diversity of minds across the Human and Animal health communities to realize even more innovation and incubate new ideas.

We share a common vision with our contract partners in wanting to make a difference and develop new and advanced products that make a real impact on lives.